Physiotherapy Services

 Next Step Health is a home-visiting Physiotherapy practice. Our focus is on optimising the course of aging for our clients. We first began offering Physiotherapy in 2015.

We provide in-home services, the majority of the time, we are helping people in their homes. The mobile nature of our healthcare means that we also help people within the community, such as workplaces, swimming pools and local parks.

In East Brisbane, Grange and Stafford we run group exercise classes using low-cost community venues. We often meet with clients 1:1 in the exercise venue the first time so that they feel comfortable engaging in a class or program.

Home Visiting Physiotherapists in Brisbane

Our core service areas are throughout East Brisbane, and we travel up to 40 km to surrounding areas. Please view our service map below :

Senior woman with physical therapist

Disabled senior man exercising outdoors in retirement community.

Physiotherapy Services Available

We offer an extensive range of programs, including:

  • Physiotherapy home visits
  • Vestibular Physio
  • Women’s health
  • Hip and knee osteoarthritis management
  • Neurological rehabilitation classes and programs such as ‘Power Over Parkinson’s
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Modified Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (an intensive program for upper limb retraining after stroke)
  • Bone density building programs, which include a nutritional component
  • We also offer a Fit For Aging program to support clients over the age of 60

We encourage our clients to schedule an annual (or sometimes biannual) reassessment to measure strength, balance, mobility, agility.

It provides an opportunity to compare results with norms for the client’s age, to look at change over time, and to proactively address any areas of concern.

Who Can Access Physiotherapy Services?

We offer support to people of all ages, from older adults to younger people with disabilities. We help our clients to be proactive and to maintain their strength and agility in ways that help prevent some of the key functional declines that can come with aging.

We work with adults and older adults throughout Brisbane under a number of different funding options, namely:

  • Self-funded clients, or those who are covered by private health insurance
  • NDIS participants
  • Home Care Package clients

We also help clients to access short term or long term funding options such as Commonwealth Home Support or Short Term Restorative Care for people aged over 65.

A photo of a playful grandfather and granddaughter. They are casually dressed and playing in the park. They exercise together. A grandfather is exercising while granddaughters are sitting on his back.

senior woman exercising in gym on mat, with the weight of her boy on one knee and on one hand, the other leg and arm is outstretched. in background there are mats and balls

Why Choose Next Step Health?

Our experienced team of Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists provide the best of care for three key reasons:

  1. We are a contemporary, evidence-based practice
  2. We prioritise fun and enjoyment: if our clients are not enjoying themselves, then we’re not enjoying our work
  3. We look at the long term picture, helping people to improve their health and quality of life well into the future

We’d love to hear from you, call (07) 3040 2119 or navigate to our contact page.