Our Experience

We are highly qualified physios and occupational therapists with a collective 30 years experience in public and private settings. Our clinical interests and expertise are particularly strong in the areas of balance, bone density and brain health.

Our Goals

Rehabilitation : To support our rehabilitation clients to become the healthiest and happiest version of themselves by providing flexible, enjoyable and evidence-informed rehabilitation service in their home or community.

Prehabilitation: To deliver community health programs and assistive technology that will improve the health literacy, body awareness and long term health and quality-of-life outcomes of our community.

Our Strategy

In addition to delivering one-on-one rehabilitation services in the home, we build healthy communities and foster social connection within them.

Our intergenerational group physiotherapy classes allow people with diverse abilities to exercise side-by-side in a non-competitive and non prescriptive way.


Our Location

This is an innovative private practice without walls.

We rehabilitate individuals in their homes, and deliver group exercise therapy in community venues.